The Food Loss and Waste Collaborative is the gateway between the general public and the UC Davis coalitions, organizations and initiatives addressing food waste and food loss.

People at the grocery store

“Reducing food loss and waste through research and innovation.”

One third of food produced globally never ends up being eaten . Between losses in the field, spoilage in transit, and disposal by retailers and consumers, more than a billion tons of food are wasted each year—a retail loss of nearly a trillion dollars. The UC Davis Food Loss and Waste Collaborative (FLWC) is poised to make a big difference. With a first-of-its-kind, university-based research program, the collaborative is focused on developing solutions to reduce losses throughout the entire food life-cycle. By leveraging the uniquely interdisciplinary landscape at UC Davis, the FLWC will help researchers better understand why and where food is wasted, and how to reduce waste across the global supply chain. Read more