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Ned Spang featured in AP story on SB1383, CA Composting Law

FST Associate Professor Ned Spang is featured in the story (and embedded video) "California pushes composting to lower food waste emissions", by Kathleen Ronayne/AP News on December 9, 2021, speaking about the impact of California's SB1383, the bill passed in 2016 that becomes effective in January 2022.  The bill is designed to reduce methane emission from food waste that ends up in landfills, with the goal - by 2025 - of composting food waste by various mechanisms to reduce organic waste in landfills by 75% from 2014 levels.  The state has also set a 2025 goal of diverting 20% of food that would otherwise go to landfills to feed people in need.  

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Wonderful Company Awards UC Davis biotech spinout BCD Bioscience

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The founding scientists of BCD Bioscience

Two Winners Were Selected in Global Contest to Design Solutions for 50,000 Tons of Pomegranate Husks to Reduce Food Waste and Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Out of nearly 400 applicants from all over the globe and across the innovation spectrum with solutions ranging from sustainable textiles and bioplastics to alternative meat and bioenergy, only two winners - BCD Bioscience and Enagon - were selected by TWC, and each was awarded a portion of the $1 million allocation to develop their respective pilot programs.  TWC partnered with ReFED, the national nonprofit working to end food loss and waste across the food system, as the Strategic Advisor and Managing Partner for the challenge.

BCD Bioscience was founded by UC Davis scientists Matt Amicucci, Bruce German (Foods for Health and Food Science and Technology), Carlito Lebrilla (Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and Chemistry), and Dave Mills (Food Science and Technology). 

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Ned Spang Featured in Podcast on Food Waste

Nov. 15, 2021: FST Associate Professor Ned Spang was featured in the first Red To Green podcast of Season 4, which focuses on Food Waste. 

You can listen to his talk, "An introduction to food waste: it's impact, causes and solutions" from November 9th, here: (31:08 minutes, audio).