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The Food Loss and Waste Collaborative is the gateway between the general public and the UC Davis coalitions, organizations and initiatives addressing food waste and food loss.

7-day Food Waste Reduction Challenge

7 Day Food Waste Reduction Challenge

The mission of the multi-university NSF INFEWS-ER (Innovation at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems - Educational Resources) is to teach students systematic processes for analyzing problems and approaching collaboration with the transdisciplinary skills necessary to tackle global grand challenges. This year's student cohort focused on Food Loss and Waste and has designed a 7-day social media campaign centered on raising awareness around food waste prevention and reduction. Namely, the “7 Day Food Waste Reduction Challenge.” 

  • The social media campaign will consist of seven days of interventions, each day themed in order of the food waste hierarchy (source reduction, recycling, etc), and will aim to provide strategies for reducing wasted food at the consumer-household level. 
  • The campaign will launch this Monday, April 12th through Sunday, April 19th across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok social media platforms. They’ve also assembled a campaign website loaded with information and a resource hub:
  • Please feel free to participate in and/or promote the campaign to help spread the word. If you are active on any social media platforms, you are also welcome to contribute your own content