Land Application of Food Processing Waste Streams to Control Agricultural Pests

Project Lead

Biosolarization is a fumigation alternative that controls soil pests through passive solar heating and organic amendment-driven soil microbial activity. This project adapts a variety of fruit, vegetable, and tree nut processing waste streams for use as soil amendments in biosolarization. In addition to inactivating a broad spectrum of agricultural soil pests, biosolarization can help improve soil health and quality through the addition of organic matter and promotion of soil microbiota that enable nutrient cycling. This project seeks to maximize these secondary benefits to further promote grower adoption of biosolarization.


  • Jean VanderGheynst
  • James Stapleton
  • Amanda Hodson
  • Deborah Bennett

Associated Students

  • Emily Lopez
  • Amy Parr
  • Emily Shea
  • Juliano Toniato

Start and (expected) End Dates

January 2014 to October 2021

Principal Funder

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health via the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety

Associated Post-Docs

  • Ygal Achmon
  • Jesus Fernandez Bayo

Additional Funder

Almond Board of California, Diamond Developers via the Sustainable Research and Training Program